Sacred Fire Community

For over a decade Rebekah has been a part of the diverse Sacred Fire Community. She has gathered around the fire as our ancestors have for thousands of years to honor our connections with the luminous origins of life. To the ancient sages, the soul is the sacred fire. Even without looking for deep spiritual meaning, fire is mesmerizing. It is untouchable yet touches us with its warmth and light.

Elders the world over are the keepers of tradition and in 2015 Diane Longboat (Mohawk) and David Tall Pines White (Nipmuck) shared their native traditions at a special fire circle for the Sacred Fire Community in Brookfield, MA called Voices of Wisdom. Rebekah was honored to be selected to be their personal attendant and assist them in the event where they shared their wisdom of both the living world and the sacred.

Following the respectful tradition cultivated in Living with Totem with Eliot Cowan, Rebekah identified relationships with animal totems that formed partnerships for a lifetime.

More information can be found on the Scared Fire Foundation website.